Plantable Desk Calendar

It’s a bit late in the season to be touting a 2009 calendar but this one was too clever to pass up. Not only does it serve a true recyclable purpose (calendar=pollen) but the pages are quite lovely and it arrives in a nifty silver tin.

use, plant, grow flowers

grow bird's eye, clarkia, coreopsis, poppy, catchfly and snap dragon flowers

From Olive Barn. $24.95.


Il Bueno (“The Good”) and Il Cattivo (“The Bad”) Sculptures

Years ago, my friend Tim introduced me to the joys of spaghetti westerns – after one weekend, I was hooked.

The film “The Good, Bad and the Ugly” is at the top of my list for that genre, so I was delighted to find the film-inspired Il Bueno and Il Cattivo sculptures. Unique mid-century-meets-UFO sensibility.

10.6 inches high x 5.5 inches wide; doubles as a piggy bank.

Il Bueno & Il Cattivo

Il Bueno & Il Cattivo

Wannekes lists them in their “kids” section but they’d fit in beautifully as a display piece in any mid-century/modern influenced (including my own) home. €185.

Playsam Jetliner Toy

I must admit that I covet the Playsam line every time I see them – simply gorgeous, sleek, simple wooden toys with a glossy finish. As a frequent traveler, the jetliner is my hands-down favorite (and winner of “Excellent Swedish Design.”) Comes packaged in an elegant black box.


Also available in red & silver metallic

From Moolka. $65.99.