Wine Clip

A magnetic clip that increases the bouquet and complexity of wine. Intriguing concept, no?

Wine Clip

Wine Clip

nice wooden packaging option available

nice wooden packaging option available

From The Wine Clip. $34.95 standard box or $39.95 wooden box.


Bang-Olufsen Headset

I grew up with a grandfather who loved technology and Bang-Olufsen (B&O) specifically. Thanks to Pop’s influence, I was an official audiophile at an early age.

So I was overjoyed when I found out that B&O made a headset. I’ve traveled in several countries with this beauty (none more challenging of an obstacle than the hills of San Francisco) and always experienced crystal clear calls. And because of B&O’s commitment to quality, it emerged unscathed and in perfect working order after an unfortunate accident going through a wash/dry cycle;.

Due to it’s smashing good looks, it’s the only headset I’ve worn that people comment upon daily.

Right ear headset

Right ear headset - also available in a left ear version

the good looks continue with a combination case/charger

beautifully designed combination carrying case/charger

From Apple. $350.

Dan Stiles Poster Art

One of my favorite places (along with SF’s Great American Music Halland Copenhagen’s Lokomotive Repair Hall) to hear music is at The Fillmore concert venue in San Francisco – can’t beat listening to incredible tunes underneath enormous, gorgeous chandeliers.

But my real love for the place lies upstairs in the “poster room”; every inch of the walls is covered in a dazzling array of posters featuring acts that have played there over the years. Great place to visit before the show, grab some noshes and peruse the walls. You’ll always come across nice surprises.

Which is why it was so delightful to stumble across the talented Dan Stiles, whose poster art conveys humor, panache and engaging visual imagery. Make sure to check out his hip tees, too.

The incomparable Wilco

The incomparable Wilco

Large portfolio available from his site. Prices vary.

Plantable Desk Calendar

It’s a bit late in the season to be touting a 2009 calendar but this one was too clever to pass up. Not only does it serve a true recyclable purpose (calendar=pollen) but the pages are quite lovely and it arrives in a nifty silver tin.

use, plant, grow flowers

grow bird's eye, clarkia, coreopsis, poppy, catchfly and snap dragon flowers

From Olive Barn. $24.95.