Andy Warhol: Red Books

Real design treasures can be found in museum shops (NYC’s MOMA, Buenos Aires’ Museo de Arte Moderno and Paris’ Centre Pompidou are three of my favorites) and at recent visit to San Francisco’s de Young museum, to see the engaging “Andy Warhol Live” exhibit, was no exception.

Came upon these nifty “Red Books”, reproductions of 11 of his Polaroid albums. Nicely packaged in a matching red box.


Red Books

From Amazon. $69.35.


Kensington Mini Battery for iPhone, iPod

A few years ago I was traveling with my buddy Tim in Laos; on our first night there, in Luang Prabang, we got a bit carried away listening to tunes on the deck of our hotel and burned through the iPod’s battery.

Panicked (no tunes for two weeks? Say it isn’t so!), we wandered the streets until we found a fellow backpacker who offered to charge it up for us. With judicious playing, we managed to make the music last through the majority of our visit. It finally gave on the last night of our visit to Bokeo Nature Reserve in our magical treehouse. Instead of groovin’ tunes, we were forced to listen to the chilling, barking deer (true story) all night.


easily attaches to bottom of phone or ipod

Since this unfortunate incident, I’ve vowed to never travel without proper backup (and an extra iPod to boot.) To the rescue comes the Kensington battery. Provides an extra 30 hours of music, or 6 hours of video, or 3 hours of chatting (iPhone) in a small package. Must be charged via a USB source. I’ve used mine several times and the performance is excellent.

Music to my ears. From Amazon. Aprox. $33.